19 July 2011

Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

I am not a Potter nerd.  I've read the books, and I saw most of the movies.  They're fine.  Fun for the most part.  But I'd never stand in line for one, or join a uberfan club in order to get my own Quidditch stick.  So I hope fans and non-fans alike will take this list in the manner in which I intend it -- good fun and with a bit of humor.  Or humour, if you prefer.

Things I Noticed Upon Viewing the Final Installment of Harry Potter

- Harry, it's time to get some laser eye surgery. (Or as my husband suggested, get someone to do a little occulum repairum or something).

Is that Hogwarts?  Nope, it's Coventry Cathedral after the bombing.
- Yep, I got it.  Potter World = Blitz-era London and England. (see: rubble strew ruins; dour-looking nurses in makeshift field hospitals; Neville as the anti-Neville Chamberlain; sending the kids off to the country; Potter as Churchill post-Coventry; everything begins and ends in a rail station).  Please lift the obviousum spell. 

- Voldemort seriously needs some lotion.

- Potter and Voldemort are NOT Sherlock and Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls.  Stop it.

- Maybe someone should get the students to help hold off the evil army, rather than run up and down lots of stairs.

- Seriously guys.  Spit it out!  You don't have time to be dramatic, speak in riddles or dance around the issue.

- The Room of Requirement would be a fantastic yard sale.

- A new hairstyle doesn't make you look 19 years older.

- Snape, you've got helmet hair.  Someone had to tell you.

- Maggie Smith rules, no matter what.